Automotrix Exotix

Turning dreams into reality from the frame up.


Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver Concours Restoration

Have you ever been to a car show and walked up to an old car sitting there in front of you and as you were walking around it you found yourself wondering what it would have been like to have driven that car back in the day when life was much simpler and the car was new.

Here at Automotrix Exotix our well trained staff can transform your old rustbucket into an elegant work of art that will make you feel like you have gone back in time to the day you were headed to the dealership to pick it up and drive it off the lot for the 1st time.

We have all the expertise needed to take your car to the next level and with our parts locater we are able to find most of those real hard to find parts and we also have the equipment to fabricate the parts we can't find. Then we will finish up your car with the original paint scheme or any color you would like with interior to match. Call Automotrix Exotix today and start turning your dream into reality right now.

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